Friday, April 19, 2013

SAT & Evaluation's

Whether or not you Homeschool on a typical school calendar or you school year round and of course depending on which state you reside and/ or by your own choice, Year end Homeschool evaluation or SAT's are on your upcoming "To Do" list.

If you are like myself, than you have already called and set up an appointment with a local Teacher, who preform these Homeschool Evaluations. You are also busy writing out questions or concerns to discuss, as well as, putting together a folder filled with samples of your children's school work and printing out any grades if you also use Online Curriculum.

If you choose to Test, than you are probably busy having your child do practice tests, SAT games, and you may have even hired a SAT math tutor and/or SAT writing tutor.

Regardless, what you do, we all have the same goal in mind. We want to see that our children are Learning! That are efforts are Working! One thing I always tell myself before an evaluation and I am going to share this with you all today!

    ~ I have done a Great job so far! My Children are learning and thriving as Homeschooler's! ~

That Yes!

Until Next time...

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