Sunday, April 28, 2013

Springing into Reading


Is it just me, or is Spring just the Best time of the year or what?! The weather is so nice and warm, but not too Hot yet. Outside of some allergy issues, it is perfect. Speaking of Spring, it has also put a Pep back into my "Unit Study" step. I have been getting back to nature with some Fun Spring Inspired Unit studies, Spring crafts & Nature games lately. Kids have really enjoyed learning about all of the insects, etc.

In other Homeschooling news, my Kindergartner is working hard on his reading. We have been using these Great picture puzzles that have a letter on each picture. This really has helped him put the words together correctly. In addition, I have also have had him sit with me, while I read picture books to him. Every so often I point to a word and see if he can figure out what it could be, based off the images and other words we had been reading. I have learned over the years that when children encounter an unfamiliar word while reading, that using contextual cues ( information from pictures or from sentences surrounding the unknown word), really helps. He has made so much progress with his reading recently, just so proud of him!

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Kat said...

Minus the eye swelling and sneezing fits, I love spring too, lol! So glad to hear about your wee one and the improvements in their reading. I remember when things like that started to click for my kiddos...definitely some proud mommy moments! :)