Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Affordable Gift Ideas for 2012 Rv’ers

                  With Christmas only a week away

Check out my Top 12 Affordable Gift Ideas for 2012 Rv’ers!

1) Gift Cards (Ranges)-

 They are simply the easiest, sure fire way to go.

2) Collapsible vases ($10)-

These collapsible vases solve all those problems that traditional bulky vases cause while traveling. They’re light, unbreakable, store flat and can be reused.

3) Roll-up puzzle mat ( $10)-


4) Weather alert pocket size radio ($15)-

Having a radio that links to National Weather Bureau alerts is a Great gift for anyone, not just a Rv’er. A Gift of Safety is Priceless!

5) Collapsible Prep Bowl Set ($15)-  

A must have for any Rv kitchen!

6) Bath dispenser ($20)-

A great space saver for any bathroom.

7) Toy Motorhome ($20)

Lots of Fun for the kids.

Toy Motorhome

8) RoadTrip Board Game ($25)-

This family fun RV inspired board game makes the perfect gift for the whole family.

Road Trip
9) Kindle  "E-Reader"(Ranges)

10) Hot Wheels Wall Tracks (ranges)-

Kids will have hours of fun and the best part is, it does not take up as much space, at least not on the floor. All you need is a wall ;)  

11) Air purifier ($150) -

The Portable Breathe Easy air purifier from Dometic reduces odors of tobacco smoke, mildew, mustiness, chemical vapors, and toilets in your RV, so you can enjoy fresher, cleaner, healthier air.

12) Foldable Bike ($150)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the Toy Motorhome has went on sale! Only $10 now! Great Post Thxs for the ideas

Kat said...

Great post, thanks for sharing! Now to just get the RV... ;)

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!