Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monster Jam Show

Has anyone been to a Monster Jam show? Well, we just went . My husband and daughter really enjoyed it, but surprisingly my son who I thought would have been the most excited was just as disappointed as I was...
First off the arena we went to was in my oppion too small. It was also tight! The walk paths were to narrow and I felt nervous that with one wrong step I would fall off ( I was in the upper level seating)
They had a pit party prior to the show starting so we arrived early, just to be told we had to pay $8 for parking! We get inside and they had a couple of cars out , but was not worth the extra $10 a ticket to see.
The worst part of the evening was souvenir's and refreshment's. The popcorn was stale and apparently not even popped there (donated by a local movie theater) at $4 a bag it should have been fresh! Worst was that a Small bottle of water was $3.Then  I wanted to get the kids cotton candy and they had the nerve to charge $15!!! a bag, it came with a foam car hat, but it was not anything worth $15. In fact nothing in the souvenir section was less than $10 and that was for a slushy cup. It really ruined the exsperiance for us as we can not afford to blow that kind of money of disposable items.
It is 7pm and the show is about to start. They had four wheeler races, and some big cars jump and crush a line of cars . Unfortunately, the star of the show "Batman" broke on it's first jump. Out side of a small skit where 2 car/robots talk and pretend to shoot at each other, the whole 2 hours consisted of  several cars jumping on cars and doing wheelies over and over and yes! over again. I was very disappointed and bored.
I have been told that this show is better in a bigger dirt type arena, but I would not waste my money or time to find out. So for me I give Monster Jam two BIG tires down :(

So, as not to totally make our night out a complete bust, I plan to have my daughter write an essay about her thoughts about the show for her English. Lately we have been focusing on her writing skills and reading many books by homeschoolers.

Untill next time...

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Kerry said...

$15 for cotton candy??!! cough-cough-choke-choke That's gotta be some form of robbery punishable by law!! LOL Pretty sure I would have had the same reaction as you to the whole experience...we live and learn, right?? :P