Sunday, February 12, 2012

Left or Right Brain?

Right brained visual learner tend to have several things in common.
They visualize images in their brain and can have long term memory of these images. They don't usually perform well on sequential, or linear tasks (such as following multi-step instructions or long division problems). They learn information in chunks, in a holistic way. They learn much better by demonstration than by explanation. And they are naturally creative problem solvers.

When I began homeschooling my daughter I soon realized that she was indeed a visual learner. Growing up in school, I had no idea that people actually learned differently. I had thought you were either smart or dumb, lazy or not. That how well you did in school was dependent on you not the teaching method, etc.

Now, all grown up and attending college myself, I realize I am also a visual learner. That it is how information is presented to me whether or not I am able to learn and honestly,want to learn. This has given me a whole new perspective in how I now approach my children's education. Becoming a student myself has defiantly made me a better teacher <3

So, I am off to make flash cards, not for my kids, but for me ...

I have a Big test Tuesday so Wish me luck!

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