Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Is In The Home-School Air!

In just a couple of weeks, it will be Halloween. My kids are super excited, as I am sure yours are too. As a rule I always make my kids wait until at least the 2nd week into October, before they let me know what they want to be. In the past, I have had those "I've changed my mind!" moments, only after I have bought &/or made their costumes. For me, it is usually make them or some part of them, as my kids ALWAYS seem to want to be something I either can not find, or it is too expensive to buy. Over the years my kids have been ware wolfs, aliens, zombie bride, mummy, vampire, etc., etc. The hardest to create I think was the mummy. Having to stitch strips of cloth to black leggings was not fun. Of course the smiles on their faces is always so worth it ;)

In homeschooling news, we have been having some spooky fun this past couple of weeks. Besides adding some Halloween themed worksheets to our elementary online curriculum, we have also been doing fun crafts too!  Below are two of the crafts that we have made this year.

The toilet paper roll craft is really simple and fun. All you need is a clean toilet paper roll, paper, scissors, glue/tape, pencil, pen, &/or crayons, and  of course googly eyes are optional. 

All you need to make this crafts is paper, but if you have card stock that will work better. A hole puncher, scissors, plain or decorative, either will work. Pipe cleaners, but yarn or string can work too. and a pencil and ruler. 

To create these pumpkins you will be using your ruler and pencil to make equal sections to cut.  Once your paper is cut, you will use your hole puncher to make a hole in each end of your strips. Then all you need to do is use your pipe cleaner, yarn, &/or string by threading it through one end and then again through the other. You can use another pipe cleaner, yarn &/or string to make a stem at the top.
And there is your Paper Pumpkin!

                                                                Until Next Time...

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