Saturday, February 15, 2014

To Home-School or not to Home-School?

Even though the typical school year does not begin till August/September, the New Year is when many parents are starting to consider whether or not they want to start Home-Schooling their children.
From personal experience, I know it can be a stressful choice to make, especially when there is just so much information and opinion's out there. Then once you make the choice to homeschool, you have to then figure out Curriculum, schedule, etc., and all before the start of the next school year.
My advice is to listen to your own thought's and feelings. Ask yourself, why you think this would be best for your child.
I also recommend checking out this Getting Started Homeschooling  Guide .

In other Homeschooling news:

This past week we have not done too much schooling. That is another reason I love that we homeschool. Taking breaks when we need them ;)

So, what did we do? Besides tons of Fun Valentine themed projects, my youngest has started a kindergarten science curriculum.
He is so very excited!

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Linda said...

When we started homeschooling it was in January (7 years ago!) Honestly, we had started to consider it around the beginning of November. I just remember how stressful it was. It is so important to get a curriculum you are comfortable with (We chose Time4Learning). And a support community is a huge bonus! Do what you feel is the right thing and you will probably be happy with the results. Thanks for offering the Homeschooling Resource guide!

Katie Shuler said...

We didn't do too much school this past week either. We had another round of snow (in GA, this is *highly* unusual, lol) so we all had a coupla snow days. Yep, homeschooling is awesome. ;)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are planning on pulling our kids out of public. We have decided to let them finish out the school year, so that we can get prepare ourselves. It is so overwhelming! I am so glad I found your Blog. Appreciate all the info you provide.