Thursday, February 6, 2014

As you may already know...

                                   We will be having 6 more weeks of Winter!

The kids really enjoyed our Groundhog Day activity's. Of course they always enjoy learning facts about animals. Speaking of animals, next week we are planning on going to the Zoo. Kids are Super excited and as a Home-School mom, I am too. It will be a very fun & educational day.
If you are planning on taking a Zoo trip soon yourself, you should let your kids do some Zoo themed activities before your trip. It will help get the kids even more excited about going to the Zoo!
( I am planning on adding tons of zoo themed fun to our lesson's next week.)

In other news this week, my youngest turned 7years old. Feels like just yesterday, we brought him home from the hospital, sigh...
For my son's special day , we spent the day at home this year. We of course had cake and presents. We played with toys and also his favorite video game for most of the day, Skylander, and rented the movie "Turbo" & "Superman". Turbo was such a cute movie & I LOVE the new Superman movie!!!! If you have not watched it, I defiantly recommend you rent it ;)


Until Next Time...

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