Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkins, Skeletons, and Ghosts... O'MY!

Have I mentioned how much I Love this time of year? Besides the cooler, welcomed weather, I love how much Fun it is to celebrate the Holidays and incorporate them into our schooling.

This past weekend we went to a local Pumpkin Festival. They had Fall themed games for the kids, horse rides, and of course a Pumpkin patch! We all really enjoyed ourselves.

During our school lessons this week, we studied the Human Skeleton. I actually just took Anatomy & Physiology this past Spring and last Fall. So, it was really hard for me to not go into to much detail. With my children age differences, 6 and 11 year old, I had to make sure our lesson were age appropriate. 
For example, with my oldest I went into a bit more detail about the Spine. I explained that it was broken down into Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, etc. Now with my youngest, I mainly just explained to him that our "Back" is also called a "Spine". Then with both of them I explained that our Spine's play an important role in our bodies. The "Bones" also called "Vertebra" in or Spine protect our Spinal cord, which is what our Brains use to control are body. That when the Spinal cord has injury, that it can cause the Brain not to be able to send messages properly.

The kids thought it was very interesting and really enjoyed looking through some of the pictures in my text books.

We also did some fun Skeleton inspired games. I took some of the words and made an unscramble game online. Since it is Halloween this month, we took the Skeleton theme this week and went one step further and did a Fun ghost craft. Since it uses some of our Anatomy, to create. I thought it was a neat craft idea this week to do.

                                             Ghost Feet and Tree hand Art

What you need:
Construction paper in Black, yellow, and green/blue
Paint in white, black, and brown
Paint brushes
Glue or tape

1.Cut a yellow circle for a moon
2. Trace your hand and arm in the center of your black paper.
3. Using your paint colors, make your hand/arm into the color of a tree.*Let dry
4. Paint the bottom of each foot white.
5. Carefully, press them on the green/blue paper. You do not want to smudge them, etc. * Let dry
6. Cut out your Ghost feet
7. With your black paint, put two round circles on each ghost for eyes and a bigger circle for the mouth. * Let dry
8. Once all is dry, paste/tape the moon on your black paper
9. Paste/tape your Ghost feet on your black paper

                                          Voila! All Done

In addition, we also put together a Skeleton model that I purchased and read through the information booklet, which had a lot of interesting info. We also had them create a Halloween inspired story about a Skeleton ( Check out SAT essay writing help, if you need some writing tutoring ). I was very impressed in how creative my children's story were ;)

Until Next time...

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Kat said...

Oh wow, I love the ghost feet! What a neat idea! And I think it's really cool how you are incorporating halloween into science/health lessons! :)