Sunday, July 21, 2013

Milestones come when it's the "write" time...


So, is it living or nonliving? That was the question. When kids are growing up, there is a time where they have yet developed the understanding of what is really alive and what is not.

 I remember once, when my son was younger, him asking me if he could go see SpongeBob's pineapple house. Cute, I know :) Then not too long ago he started asking me whether or not certain things were real or not. I knew at that moment that he had reached another level in how his brain thinks. This opened up a whole new way I could teach him and so many things he could now grasp. This has been one of our most recent learning milestones in our home.

My daughter is the oldest and as I have mentioned before, she loves reading. Which warms my heart because she struggled for so long to learn. Of course now she is at the library weekly, checking out hundred paged books and zipping through them like nothing ;)
So, to keep her in the right direction, she is starting an elementary online writing program! Even though she is such an Amazing reader, her writing could be improved.I am sure I will see her flourish in that area as well, very soon!

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