Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Home" School Shopping Time!

With July almost over, and the new school year just beginning for most, you may be scrambling to finalize you Curriculum Choices and figure out what other tools you may need to buy. If your anything like me, you also tend to want to over buy.
 So, what I have learned to do, is to first figure out what I know I can comfortably afford to spend. Then I look over the items I am wanting and decide which ones are a must and which ones I can manage with out.
For example, if I am running low on funds, then buying a Spelling Curriculum would be considered something I can manage without, Since I can use free resources like Spelling City. Of course, there will always be things you know you must have. This coming year we are really going to focus on Science, so Science tools are at the top of our shopping list this year.

Now, when it come to paper, glue, etc. I always take an inventory of what I still have. Then I figure out approx. what I will need for the next year, and I ALWAYS wait for our local States
 Tax free Shopping Days. Not only do you save money on the tax, but usually most stores have great discounts.
I hope these tips help with your annual Homeschooling preparation's ;)

Until Next time...

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Kat said...

Love, LOVE back to school sales and tax free weekend! It's crazy how many school supplies a homeschooler can buy! ;)